Litter Records

October 2009 - Miniature Bull Terriers (Ringo x Elssa)
Ch. Tapfur's Cruisin' For a Bruisin' : owned by Marinheiro
G4 Ch. Tapfur's Heels On Fire : owned by Araminta
Ch. Tapfur's Pretty In Dead : owned by rachellynn40
Ch. Tapfur's Rattle Your Cage : owned by Kurali
G1 G2 G3 RW Ch. Tapfur's Word from the Bird : owned by Kamcia
Ch. Tapfur's Vote to Skip : owned by Salem

January 2010 - Giant Schnauzers (Armani x Illusion)
Ch. Anystar's Dazed & Confused : owned by Cath1068
G3 Ch. Anystar's Black & Geometric : owned by hound_dog
G4 Ch. Anystar's Handbags & Watches : owned by Storm
Ch. Anystar's Lace & Leather : owned by Alybaba911
Ch. Anystar's Suits & Perfume : owned by Nena

August 2010 - Schipperkes (Paris x Olive)
Ch. Drawn to Art at Kobe : owned by Nova
G4 Ch. Oh Deer of Kobe : owned by Elf
Ch. Shut The Duck Up at Kobe : owned by Jinja
Ch. I Lost Count of Kobe : retained
W1 W4 G1x2 Ch. Black Swan of Kobe GPC : owned by Kioko

August 2010 - Schipperkes (California x April)
RW G1 Ch. Count-less Opportunities of Kobe GPC : retained
G2 Ch. Fish With No Eyes at Kobe : owned by Nova

August 2010 - Anatolion Shepherds (Flynn x Kioko's Onka)
G4 Ch. Yellowtail/KIO's Angel of Music : owned by Kioko

August 2010 - German Shorthaired Pointers (Kelsey's Gunner x Vera)
Ch. Cloonlara/Anystar's Years of Wandering : retained
BIS G1 G2x2 Ch. Cloonlara Anystar's Mad Dog : owned by samhradh
Cloonhara/Anystar's An Untold Dream : owned by BeachWood
Ch. Cloonlara/Anystar's Crucible : owned by hound_dog
BIS G1 Ch. Cloonlara Anystar Have Gun Will Travel : owned by Kelsey

January 2011 - Schipperkes (Count x Numbers)
Ch. Ann Arky of Kobe : owned by umz
Ch. Grylling You Softly of Kobe : retained
G4 Ch. Tu-tu Cute of Kobe : returned

June 2011 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Afon x Alwyn)
Ch. Anystar's English Primrose : retained

September 2011 - Australian Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dogs (Lachlan x Naabi)
Anystar's Attention to Detail : owned by MPHK
G3 Anystar's Strong Attachment : owned by Destiny
Ch. Anystar's Dark Lady : owned by Gunhill
G3 Ch. Anystar's The Healing Touch ChPC : owned by Lyssa
Anystar's Touch of Wisdom : owned by Evergreen Petz
BW G1 G2 Ch. Anystar's Finger Lakes : owned by Mandy

October 2011 - Schipperkes (California x April)
Ch. The Little Mere Maid of Kobe OD ChPC : owned by Destiny
G3 Buy-a-Friend of Kobe ChPC : returned
G2 G4 Ch. Best Dam Movie of Kobe : retained
Ch. Roped Into It of Kobe OD ChPC : owned by vanillaice-petz
Ch. Avoid-a-full of Kobe ChPC : returned
Ch. Raven Madman of Kobe ChPC : returned
Arby-traitor of Kobe : owned by Koda

October 2011 - Schipperkes (Paris x Olive)
G4 Ch. Proper Gander of Kobe : owned by Kezune

November 2014 - English Cocker Spaniels (Tito x Alsa)
G3 Ch. Anystar's Gingersnaps : retained
Anystar's Humble Pie : owned by mira
W4 G1x2 Ch. Anystar's Lady in Black : owned by Vesale
Anystar's Clear as Day : owned by Static
Anystar's Scarlet Wolf : owned by Shade

February 2016 - Miniature Bull Terriers (Spike x Milly)
Ch. Tapfur's Madison Avenue : owned by Salem
Tapfur's Hey Bean! : owned by Malgal
Tapfur's Subterranean : retained
W1 G1 Ch. Tapfur's Due Backs : owned by Abelard

February 2016 - Miniature Bull Terriers (Ike x Ryanne)
G3 G4x2 Ch. Tapfur's Bash Ears : owned by Salem
Ch. Tapfur's In Orbit GPC : owned by Abelard
Tapfur's Ankle-Biter : owned by Malgal
Tapfur's On The Stick : retained